Konrad Strek

Mission to eradicate poverty

The Zareklamy story begins in 2017 in Lublin city. Konrad Strek and freelancer developers was programming Zareklamy website. There was not a day for them, where they wouldn't remember about Zareklamy. They were always adding or improving something, trying to look for trends and inspiration — using time as best as possible to make product the best on market. They knew that in any time a "big shark" company could plagiarize the prototype, so they worked as fast as they can to publish the first version of the website. In October 2017, Konrad closed Pagemuch company, which was an interactive internet agency to be focused only on Zareklamy. Pagemuch gave few thousands of dollars, so they had additional profit to start a new company. The additional income could allow the employment of experienced people only for a short time because the money was running out.

"Give a job for everyone, where people can make money wherever they are and for free, is really magic" — They said. Working from their dorm rooms, they built a website which give everyone in the world a online job. It didn't take place without hundreds of obstacles with code on website, problems with starting a business — not being an adult person. After 4 months of preparation, they finally opened the website. At start, they made new deals with investors and cooperation with other companies. Zareklamy LLC. was officially born. The company is gradually starting to generate income.

Over the few months, Zareklamy is used by over one hundred thousand people from around the world. In the months that followed, the company expanded rapidly — hiring developers, accountants, building a sales team. Currently, Zareklamy organise trips all over Poland cities, where we talk with people about our commitments and better use of the website.